Candle Studio


Want a personal one? Craft your own candle!


• Take notice of our Crafting Schedules
• Candles will be cured for a few days before shipping out.
• Read our guidelines before proceeding to craft.
• All orders will be final once placed. 
• A 50% Downpayment will be required to secure slot.
• Shopee COD Checkout Available 
NOTE: Some items/scents may not be available.
We will inform you along with the quotation.

BEST SELLERS (in order): Lavender, Sweet Sangria, Sweet Pea, Raspberries, Sex on the Beach, Quietude, Peppermint, Lavender Vanille, Warm Vanilla Sugar


October 26-28, 2020


The form will automatically close on the day before our crafting schedule and will resume if stocks/supplies are replenished.

Shipping items on:

November 02, 2020 onwards

1. Choose a jar
Custom Labels are available only for the Floral tin cans. 

• Bespoke Labels for the Candle Cocktails are default only to Hefty Jars (9ounces)
• Random Flowers are default in Floral Tin Cans, no need to add an optional of Flowers.
2. Choose a kind of wick
     • Cotton
     • Wood - slower burn, has crackling sound
3. Choose scent
• Some scents may not be available or sold out already, we will inform along with the confirmation of orders, so make sure you have an alternative scent.

4. Optionals:
   • Potpourris/Dried Flowers - default for Floral tin cans
   • Raw Gem Stones
5. After sending your craft form, it will be reviewed and a quotation will be sent to you in a few hours.

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